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Hey guys! It’s already Wednesday, yay! I feel like this week is gong by so fast! I wanted to write a post last night and tell you about my doctor’s visit for my back but was too tired and decided I would tell you about it today. My doctor told me it’s probably just an inflamed ligament and there is absolutely no reason for me to be lazy 🙂 I should do whatever I want, just avoid the kind of exercise that hurt. She told me to treat it with some anti-inflammatory and I should be fine!

So after another week-long hiatus from ballet, last night I went; I must say, after a few exercises that required a lot of jumping my back did hurt a bit, so once I came home I iced it and then put some arnica cream on it.

But lets get to the main topic about this post…food!

Breakfast was chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter and apricot jam, served sandwich style plus a glass of oj. This is the kind of breakfast you need before tackling an hour long walk with the dog in the cold park!

Lunch came together in a flash because I was starving: I grilled some eggplant and made little sandwiches with hummus and a sun-dried tomatoes sauce on top ( I love this sauce!) plus a small leftover of pizzoccheri, which is a typical italian dish from Valtellina and consist of buckwheat pasta, potatoes, cabbage and cheese! It’s really good. Also a handfull of chocolate chips was consumed as a dessert.

Before swim i had a snack (undocumented) based of some chocolate chip cookies and oj. These cookies to be precise:


Dinner was super late, but really good: I re-heated some of the tomato sauce pasta my family had for dinner and added half a can of beans, plus had a salad with hummus dressing

You can see fumes coming up from the pasta!:D

As I say previously, I went swimming today! I was highly tempted to ditch it, but the forced myself out of the comfort of a hot house and into the cold and foggy streets because I knew I wouldn’t regret it. Apparently part of me was still against it because, i don’t know how, I managed to get lost going there: I got off at the wrong bus stop and then just couldn’t find my way! It was highly embarrassing, because I know the streets around the pool. But I managed to get there, swim for 50 minutes, shower and get out in even foggier streets! Oh, with wet hair 😀 I’m no fan of the hair-dryer!

I was having so much fun taking pictures of myself in the middle of the streets ( no one was around, thankfully ;)) that I practically missed my bus! I had to run to catch it, and the driver was kind enough to wait for me.

And the time has finally come for me to go to bed! Good night to y’all!


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Dinner and swimming

Hey guys!

I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA these last two days, but I haven’t had time to post! I wanted last night but was babysitting and couldn’t. So here I am!


This weekend Mattia came to Milan (yay!:D) and tonight we went out for pizza! Mattia and I are famous for the amount of pizza we can eat: when he lived here we only had time to see each other during the evening so we often had dinner together; when we weren’t eating at my house we ate out and almost always chose pizza. I would sometimes eat pizza twice a week!

Ever since he went back home, I’ve been eating pizza less often, and it was a 3-week span this time!! quite shocking, I know.

Our choice for tonight was Rossopomodoro, a restaurant where they make pizza the way it should truly be: high crust, not a lot of mozzarella cheese, basil and olive oil.


Clearly, this isn’t my picture 🙂 I’m still not super comfortable with taking pictures when out and about…how do you do it?

Anyways, the pizza was good, but not my all-time favourite: I’m more of a cheesy pizza, while Mattia loves this pizza.

Being the foodie I am, I couldn’t leave the restaurant without dessert 🙂 I had a almond-chocolate cake that was awesome and will try to re-create it as soon as possible, while Mattia had a babà filled with whipped cream.

Quite the satisfying dinner!

So how was my swimming session? Quite fun I must say, even though I swallowed a lot of water! I was a bit rusty: haven’t been in a pool or in the ocean for over a year! I stayed in the water for 50 minutes, but didn’t swim in a non-stop way: the pools lanes were full of people, so I often had to stop and wait, which suited me perfectly. The only down side of swimming in a pool is….


Men in speedos.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m no fan.

No matter how hot a guy you are, I’m sorry but I can’t take you seriously in a speedo!

I guess if I want to make swimming a weekly thing I’ll have to learn not to care…or at least to turn my head the other way 😉

So I have two questions for you:

– Do you take pictures of what you eat in restaurants? do you get weird looks or comments?

 – Men in speedo: yay or nay?



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