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Weekend Recap

Hello! How was your weekend? I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Unfortunately, we don’t celebrate it in Italy, but I had friday off from lessons so I had a long weekend too.


Mattia came to Milan on friday and was supposed to leave today but the train drivers are on strike for the day, and his trains are the first ones to go! We had a really good time together: Friday night Mattia came with me to babysit, and we stayed there until 3.30! I was able to stay awake the whole time, Mattiafell asleep around 2 at night. To help us stay awake we watched a movie, Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King, which is quite the weird movie: the characters weren’t the most brilliant, so there were a few comic moments. At least it was 3 hours long and it help keeping us awake!

Yesterday we woke up late, trying to get some sleep in, then baked a little: I was trying to make a vegan chocolate salami with homemade cookies, but the result wasn’t what I wanted. It was good, but not what I wanted. Even though we were a bit tired we managed to take this big fury animal to the park for a run.

I tried running with him in the summer time but he just didn’t like it: he would pull on the leash and refuse to run. I think it was for the heat. But this week we went running twice and he loved it both times! So Mattia, Daigo and I set out for a little family run and run some 6 km, I’m not sure how much because I didn’t map my run nor had a watch with me, but we ran as long as we felt like it. It was a really good run!

To keep up with our active weekend, this morning Mattia and I went ice-skating! I hadn’t been on the ice for years, and for Mattia this was only is second time in life! It took me a while to feel comfortable in the skates but we had fun!

I still have a pair of skate my grandmother gave me (and my sister too) when I was smaller, and they still fit me! I love my skates 🙂

for some reason my camera is not a fan of ice, thus the horrible quality!

How was your weekend?


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What I ate Wednesday

And I finally manage to do another one correctly 😀 So let’s get on with it!

Breakfast was a bowl of banana-pb oatmeal plus a square of a dessert I made yesterday; I had to taste-test it again, you see ;). Rest assured I enjoyed more pieces throughout the rest of the day!

Plus a glass of juice not pictured.

Lunch was enjoyed in the fantastic land of college, and was composed of spinach, tomatoes, carrot sticks with hummus, bread and a kiwi..again not pictured, because I decided to take it later on and was too lazy to take my camera out again; sorry for the blurry picture 😀

Dinnah was more bread and hummus with pesto pasta. No picture for that, sorry 😉

The rest of the day (when I wasn’t eating) was enjoyed (sort of) going to class on my oh-not-so-light typical day of 3 different classes, plus taking for a walk this furry dude in the park.

Unfortunately that was my only physical activity for the day: I’ve been having some problems with my back and pain in my tailbone, so running has been checked off my list of to-do things for some time, until it goes away; now I only have ballet class twice a week and I’m feeling the need to find some other form of activity: weight training is pretty much out of the question, I’m not really a fan, so I think I’ll resolve to stretching and yoga.

Any suggestions as to what I could do are much appreciated 😉

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Waiting for Avocados

A few months ago, after I started reading blogs, I discovered avocados: of course, I already knew what they were and loved guacamole, but had never had avocados on their own; so when I saw them in a store, I jumped at the opportunity and brought some home with me.

As soon as I had my first avocado I had a revelation: no wonder guacamole was so good! I was on an avocado train for a few weeks, until eventually, I overdosed (cause, apparently, you can overdose from eating too much avocado): one night I had a gigantic salad with avocado, at the end of which I swore to myself I would never eat another avocado again.

I failed to keep that promise 😉

In those first weeks of avocado love, my mother and I decided to try and grow an actual avocado: she had already done in when she was young and even managed to grow a decent plant, until it was closed away in a dark closed by a friend who was supposed to take care of it for a few days…the plant didn’t survive, and neither the friend.

just kidding ;).

The first step for successfully growing an avocado tree is to stab the pit with toothpicks and place it in a glass of water somewhere were it can get a lot of  sunlight.


Then wait.

And wait.

Feed it some more water if necessary.

And wait some more.

But never despair: because it may take your pit 2 months if not more to make some roots, but they will come, and that will be a happy day :).

Or at least it was for me…I get easily excited.

Not too long after your roots appear, you should start seeing a crack on the top of the pit and a stem will spout. When leaves appear on top, you can move your avocado in a pot!

Today was the day when I transferred my avocado from the water to the pot! I’m one happy girl :D!

From this:

To this!

Daigo was sad, because he didn’t get to help

So I told him he could guard the vase from the cats

As soon as he heard the word cats, he was in. He loves them.


Sorry for the not-so-good picture: my sister had her fancy-schmancy camera with her so I couldn’t steal borrow it and had to use my point and shoot.

The only downside of planting your own avocado tree, is tha the actual fruits wont come for years.

So all I have to do now is…wait for avocados!

Question of the day:

have you ever tried planting an avocado?

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Double Dog Duty

Hello y’all!

My day as been pretty busy: after fueling myself with a baked oatmeal and a raspberry yogurt (This picture is from another day, but you get the idea, right?), I head out with the dog for an hour-long walk, part of which was spent in the dog-area. For these last two days I’ve been on DDD -Double Dog Duty – which means an hour-long walk at 7.30 am and an hour-long walk in the afternoon! I know a lot of you are used to it, but I usually only take him out once a day at most, sometimes I’m lucky enough to skip a day! Thankfully, after my second walk with him I still have enough energy to go out for a 5 km run! Some roasted red bell pepper and basil hummus with bread helped 😉

This is what my sisters tell me when i make hummus…Fools 😉

The run felt great, I was able to run my 5 km in 27 minutes, which is a new record for me! Somewhere within me I then found the energy to do some ab workout and some push ups. I’m exhausted but very happy :).

Whenever I’m out running and I’m in a good mood, I always want to start dancing and singing out loud the song I’m listening too..but unfortunately that isn’t one of the best things to do in a park full of people; I already draw enough attention when I’m out with the dog and always talking to him, commenting on flowers, trees, other dogs…don’t give me that look, I know all of you dog owners do that to 😉 (you do, right?)

Going on to less insane things, I announce to you that tomorrow will bring a gingerbread cookie recipe..stay tuned!

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Daigo steals the spotlight

And summer is practically over!

My life is slowly getting back to what it usually is during the year: I have to study for exams coming up, I have to take out the dog (I’ll talk about him in a second) and I get back to my job! I baby-sit for a German family with two kids that are absolutely adorable, I cannot believe I’ve been babysitting them for 5 years now! I’ve practically come to think about them as my second family. Last year I also started helping the kids with their homework: they’re German they don’t excel in Italian (I still haven’t told you, but i live in Italy! more on me coming soon in an “About” page 😉 ) so my help is highly appreciated.

As I was saying before, I have a big black dog that used to be one adorable puppy!

Wasn't he one cute puppy?

Soon though, he transitioned into the awkward adolescent fase, the one when you have such a long tail it’s constantly folded to avoid it from touching the ground and people start to question if somehow you are related to monkeys…I’m sure we all had that fase 😉 . That’s when he decided  he wanted to become a skater

And finally turned into his full-grown self.

"I'm a wise dog now"

Like most dogs, he’s pretty active and needs to go out twice a day; of course, I’m sure he would love to go to the dog park more often, but we can’t always make it happen!

During the summer my dog spent a lot of time in the country side with my mother, so I was able to have a full month of dog free days! But summer is over, and, as a consequence, dog park it was this afternoon!

After spending an hour in the park, I came back home to a nice supper of curry scrambled tofu with peas and a salad on the side; I’m not a big fan of tofu, its taste is a bit too blunt for me, but I think I could learn to like it when scrambled with spices and veggies!

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