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Liebster Blog Award

I really wanted to have a recipe for you guys today, but lately cakes aren’t my thing.

Don’t worry though, this one I’m pretty sure I can fix and post in the future, it is mainly a problem of cooking time and finding the right topping.

This is actually the first time the toothpick method for checking if the cake is ready failed…miserably.

Even though that was not my intention, I ended up with something like this


Except it wasn’t that pretty…neither intentional =D

On to the better things:

Amanda over at Pickels & Honey recently nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award!  The Liebster Award can be given to any blog that you’re loving that has less than 200 followers. To accept the award, you have to thank the person who nominated you on your blog and . . . .

–Link back to the blog who nominated you
–Nominate 5 other blogs for the award
–Inform those 5 blogs by leaving them a comment on their blog
–Post the award on your blog

Thank you so much Amanda, I love reading your blog with all the drool-worthy recipes and beautiful pictures, and to know that you enjoy my blog really made my day!

I don’t really know how many followers these blogs have, but this is who I’d like to nominate:


Itty Bits of Balance

My Daily Joy 

I only have three because most of the blogs I read are big and definitely have more than 200 followers =D

I hope you all have a great Sunday!


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Online shopping

And the cold weather has hit Milan!

These last few days the temperatures have been around 0 celsius day and night, so you can only imagine my joy in taking the dog out at 7 am in a freezing -4 celsius 😀 I bundled up nicely, and kinda felt like a sausage with all those layers, but at least I was worm!

Since the cross-country ski world cup has moved to another city, no one was on the snow this morning so Daigo and I took advantage of it en route to the dog area.

Daigo absolutely loves the snow, and started running like crazy as soon as we got on it!

I spent haf of my day studying and the other half cooking a few things that will soon be posted online.

Then, before I could actually think about it, I got in sweaty dirty freshly washed running clothes and set out for a run; I knew that if I stopped to think about it even for a moment I would skip it because the idea of running in 0 °C wasn’t exactly appealing to me 😀

I ran for 7.60 Km (4.70 Mi) in 45.45 (ah!) minutes. It’s a lot, but actually I had to stop for a few of those minutes because I had a bad case of belly ache… I’m sure other lady runners will understand what I mean 🙂

I thought running in cold weather I wouldn’t sweat a lot…silly me. Siiiilly meee. My body has the tendency to sweat a lot, and especially on my head underneath my hair, and, apparently, no matter what the temperature is, I end a run with hair literally dripping. I’m sure you’re all happy I shared this with you 😀

once I got home I saw there were two packages for me, an Amazon one and a IHerb one, and obviously couldn’t wait to open them, so I sat on the floor in my sweaty clothes and un-stretched muscles (I eventually did stretch them) and opened them. I don’t know about you, but I love to receive packages!

This is what they contained:

From the amazon order: it’s huge and it cost me a bit, but it was still a sweet deal and it will last me a life time, hopefully!


Neither chia seeds or stevia can be sold in Italy, so I had to buy them online. If anyone has a good use for chia seeds, please link up! I only know of a few ways to use them.

These I obviously used imediately.What can I say? I almost screeched of joy when I noticed the shampoo lathers. None of the natural shampoos I’ve tried up to now lather; I’d almost given up hope! Plus they smell like coconut heaven! (Mattia, you’ll be happy :D).

In my IHerb order I also found a little gift:

Do they give these at every order? Because I kinda like it 🙂

Are you a online shopper? If so, do you get excited when you receive something? 

I’m quite the online shopper: it’s so much easier ( and lazier) and there is so much more choice! As for getting excited..well yes, I most certainly do 😉

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La Befana

Happy Epiphany!

I don’t know if it’s a national holiday where you live, but it is in Italy! not that it makes a big difference to me, because I’m still on my winter break and will be for some while ;).

Traditionally, on the night of the 5th January, kids all over Italy hang they stockings to be filled up by “La Befana”, which we can call Santa’s female counterpart. Apparently Santa is too busy to fill our stockings on Christmas, so we know we have to wait until the 5th to hang them and have is friend fill them for us :).

Unlike Santa, she goes around flying on a broomstick, with a big bag on her back.


She might seem like an old grumpy woman, but she a kind lady ( who’s known particularly for her nose) brings sweets and chocolates to kids… if they have behaved well 😀 otherwise, she’ll bring you coal.

The edible kind, if you’re lucky 😉


Which isn’t that bad, after all, but takes ages to eat, since it’s hard like a rock!

My sister and I, ever since my parents got a divorce, spent Christmas with my mother and Epiphany with my father, and his girlfriend, Emilia, brought it upon herself to be our “Befana”…which of course we didn’t know at the time :D; So to keep the tradition alive, we sisters had dinner at their house last night.

After a dinner made of risotto (my father does the best one ever!) we enjoyed an evening watching the video of a relative’s wedding, to then degenerate to watching cat videos, because really, who can resist?



After that, the oh-so-embarrassing-moment when my father and Emilia ask to see my blog arrived; I don’t know about my fellow blog writers, but I’m always embarrassed when someone ask to see my blog, especially if I’m there 😀 Writing something for people to read, and actually seeing someone read it…it’s a whole lotta difference!

That being said, I’m off to clean the floors and dust the house, guest are coming tonight!

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A failed WIAW

Yesterday I had planned to write a WIAW post, but, for more than one reason, that wasn’t possible: first of all, I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast ( shame on me, I know :D)

Don't you just love Dodos?


Second of all, I was babysitting last night and, because I thought I would be back home by 9 pm, I didn’t bring my lil’ mac with me: I ended up coming home at 11.30 pm, so I had no time by then to write something. Thankfully, I had the good sense to bring a book with me! Plus I didn’t even have a proper dinner: whenever I go at the kids’ house early in the afternoon ( to help with homework) I always have dinner with them but, thanks to Murphy’s Law, they had fish sticks for dinner. That never happened before I became vegetarian! So my dinner consisted of some bread at their house and then bread + hummus plus some bell pepper once I got home.

And an ice-cream at their house  and absolutely nothing else! 😀


Dare I say this is the best packaged ice-cream?! There’s just something about ice-cream and cookies together that give you that warm fuzzy feeling of comfort.

Now I’m off to start a long weekend! Tuesday is a holiday in Italy, but no lessons on Monday! I just loove vacations 😀 Unfortunately, I can’t dedicate all of my time to the things I love but I must also study for an upcoming exam; I’ll try anyhow to tackle a few of the recipes I have on my to-do list, and hopefully some of them will turn out to be succesful :D. I inform you in advance none of them will be Halloween related: it’s not a holiday here in Italy, so I grew up without celebrating it. But no worries, we still had the chance to dress up on Carnevale (Carnival); the best costume I ever wore? A playing card!

Are you dressing up for Halloween?

Which was the best costume you ever wore?

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Random Post

Hello guys!

How was your weekend? Mine went by way too quickly, unfortunately, and I was only able to do half of what I had planned! I’m terrible at getting things done, and I’m especially terrible at finding time to study! The fact that I’m majoring in medical biotechnology while I would want to study nutrition  and dietetics..makes it all the less appealing 😉 You may wonder why haven’t I switched majors? university is a bit different in Italy, so it’s much easier for me to graduate in medical biotechnology and then switch over to nutrition for a master.

So I thought today I could make a post about a few random things about me! Be prepared, because some things are weird.

Random fact n°1: I’m a lefty! Nothing great, I know, but the cool thing is my mother is too and out of her 5 siblings 2 are and so is my grand-mother! Pretty neat, huh?

Random fact n°2: My sisters’ and I all have different hair color: blond, brown and red! Once through passport check the guy didn’t believe we were all three my mother’s daughters 😀

 June 2010
Okay, this picture doesn’t give justice to the situation, but you get the idea, no?

Random fact n°3: Sometimes I get paresthesia (<- yup, I just used one of those medical-scientific terms…but don’t worry…I had to check it out first 🙂 I’m really not that smart) on my face, starting from the tip of my nose. Please tell me I’m not the only weirdo?

Random fact n°4: I hate pumpkin. This season isn’t for me in food-blog community!

Random fact n°5: Sometimes i choke myself as I’m falling asleep and wake up coughing like crazy

Random fact n°6: I don’t like the color orange…now that explains random fact n°4 🙂
Random fact n°7: Once I found a small worm in an individually wrapped piece of torrone…


thank goodness I saw it on time and didn’t eat it!! Needless to say, I haven’t eaten much ever since!
Random fact n°8: I don’t like cinnamon, and my taste buds are super sensitive to it! i can detect even the smallest amounts in food.
And that’s all I can come up with for the time being.
Do you have any random/weird facts to share?

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