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La Befana

Happy Epiphany!

I don’t know if it’s a national holiday where you live, but it is in Italy! not that it makes a big difference to me, because I’m still on my winter break and will be for some while ;).

Traditionally, on the night of the 5th January, kids all over Italy hang they stockings to be filled up by “La Befana”, which we can call Santa’s female counterpart. Apparently Santa is too busy to fill our stockings on Christmas, so we know we have to wait until the 5th to hang them and have is friend fill them for us :).

Unlike Santa, she goes around flying on a broomstick, with a big bag on her back.


She might seem like an old grumpy woman, but she a kind lady ( who’s known particularly for her nose) brings sweets and chocolates to kids… if they have behaved well 😀 otherwise, she’ll bring you coal.

The edible kind, if you’re lucky 😉


Which isn’t that bad, after all, but takes ages to eat, since it’s hard like a rock!

My sister and I, ever since my parents got a divorce, spent Christmas with my mother and Epiphany with my father, and his girlfriend, Emilia, brought it upon herself to be our “Befana”…which of course we didn’t know at the time :D; So to keep the tradition alive, we sisters had dinner at their house last night.

After a dinner made of risotto (my father does the best one ever!) we enjoyed an evening watching the video of a relative’s wedding, to then degenerate to watching cat videos, because really, who can resist?



After that, the oh-so-embarrassing-moment when my father and Emilia ask to see my blog arrived; I don’t know about my fellow blog writers, but I’m always embarrassed when someone ask to see my blog, especially if I’m there 😀 Writing something for people to read, and actually seeing someone read it…it’s a whole lotta difference!

That being said, I’m off to clean the floors and dust the house, guest are coming tonight!


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