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And the cold weather has hit Milan!

These last few days the temperatures have been around 0 celsius day and night, so you can only imagine my joy in taking the dog out at 7 am in a freezing -4 celsius 😀 I bundled up nicely, and kinda felt like a sausage with all those layers, but at least I was worm!

Since the cross-country ski world cup has moved to another city, no one was on the snow this morning so Daigo and I took advantage of it en route to the dog area.

Daigo absolutely loves the snow, and started running like crazy as soon as we got on it!

I spent haf of my day studying and the other half cooking a few things that will soon be posted online.

Then, before I could actually think about it, I got in sweaty dirty freshly washed running clothes and set out for a run; I knew that if I stopped to think about it even for a moment I would skip it because the idea of running in 0 °C wasn’t exactly appealing to me 😀

I ran for 7.60 Km (4.70 Mi) in 45.45 (ah!) minutes. It’s a lot, but actually I had to stop for a few of those minutes because I had a bad case of belly ache… I’m sure other lady runners will understand what I mean 🙂

I thought running in cold weather I wouldn’t sweat a lot…silly me. Siiiilly meee. My body has the tendency to sweat a lot, and especially on my head underneath my hair, and, apparently, no matter what the temperature is, I end a run with hair literally dripping. I’m sure you’re all happy I shared this with you 😀

once I got home I saw there were two packages for me, an Amazon one and a IHerb one, and obviously couldn’t wait to open them, so I sat on the floor in my sweaty clothes and un-stretched muscles (I eventually did stretch them) and opened them. I don’t know about you, but I love to receive packages!

This is what they contained:

From the amazon order: it’s huge and it cost me a bit, but it was still a sweet deal and it will last me a life time, hopefully!


Neither chia seeds or stevia can be sold in Italy, so I had to buy them online. If anyone has a good use for chia seeds, please link up! I only know of a few ways to use them.

These I obviously used imediately.What can I say? I almost screeched of joy when I noticed the shampoo lathers. None of the natural shampoos I’ve tried up to now lather; I’d almost given up hope! Plus they smell like coconut heaven! (Mattia, you’ll be happy :D).

In my IHerb order I also found a little gift:

Do they give these at every order? Because I kinda like it 🙂

Are you a online shopper? If so, do you get excited when you receive something? 

I’m quite the online shopper: it’s so much easier ( and lazier) and there is so much more choice! As for getting excited..well yes, I most certainly do 😉


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Hi guys!

I’m on vacation yay! Today is Saint Ambrogio, Milan’s city saint, so it’s vacation! Tomorrow is the Immaculate Conception, a festivity, so bottom line is, I’m on vacation til Monday!

For this mini vacation Mattia came to Milan and today, in preparation for our Norway trip, we decided to head to Decathlon, a sports store, just to get an idea about the price of snowboots, whether they had wool socks, and general clothing for freezing cold temperatures 😀 We got a bit side-tracked going to the store by Sant’ Ambrogio’s market, an annual tradition. It’s pretty much a normal market selling weird or handmade things, but it gets loads of attention! It’s always jam-packed.

The market takes place all around Castello Sforzesco, a castle in the park close to my house.

Today was a beautiful day! the sun was out and the temperatures strangely high, around 7-8 Celsius degrees, So Mattia and I highly enjoyed a walk in the park, the same one where I enjoy my walks with Daigo.

The afternoon was a bit less interesting, I had to study for a test that’s coming up and Mattia enjoyed some reading of his own.

To take advantage of the beautiful day we decided to go for a run around 5 p.m.: not the smoothest of runs, since the park gates were almost all closed for some reason and we couldn’t do our usual trail…that and darting rats that run out in front of you at the last moment and almost make you fall! We still managed to run for a good 5.5 km though. I’m off to bed now, tomorrow is one of those intense-studying day! 😦

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Weekend Recap

Hello! How was your weekend? I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Unfortunately, we don’t celebrate it in Italy, but I had friday off from lessons so I had a long weekend too.


Mattia came to Milan on friday and was supposed to leave today but the train drivers are on strike for the day, and his trains are the first ones to go! We had a really good time together: Friday night Mattia came with me to babysit, and we stayed there until 3.30! I was able to stay awake the whole time, Mattiafell asleep around 2 at night. To help us stay awake we watched a movie, Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King, which is quite the weird movie: the characters weren’t the most brilliant, so there were a few comic moments. At least it was 3 hours long and it help keeping us awake!

Yesterday we woke up late, trying to get some sleep in, then baked a little: I was trying to make a vegan chocolate salami with homemade cookies, but the result wasn’t what I wanted. It was good, but not what I wanted. Even though we were a bit tired we managed to take this big fury animal to the park for a run.

I tried running with him in the summer time but he just didn’t like it: he would pull on the leash and refuse to run. I think it was for the heat. But this week we went running twice and he loved it both times! So Mattia, Daigo and I set out for a little family run and run some 6 km, I’m not sure how much because I didn’t map my run nor had a watch with me, but we ran as long as we felt like it. It was a really good run!

To keep up with our active weekend, this morning Mattia and I went ice-skating! I hadn’t been on the ice for years, and for Mattia this was only is second time in life! It took me a while to feel comfortable in the skates but we had fun!

I still have a pair of skate my grandmother gave me (and my sister too) when I was smaller, and they still fit me! I love my skates 🙂

for some reason my camera is not a fan of ice, thus the horrible quality!

How was your weekend?

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