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What I ate Wednesday

And I finally manage to do another one correctly 😀 So let’s get on with it!

Breakfast was a bowl of banana-pb oatmeal plus a square of a dessert I made yesterday; I had to taste-test it again, you see ;). Rest assured I enjoyed more pieces throughout the rest of the day!

Plus a glass of juice not pictured.

Lunch was enjoyed in the fantastic land of college, and was composed of spinach, tomatoes, carrot sticks with hummus, bread and a kiwi..again not pictured, because I decided to take it later on and was too lazy to take my camera out again; sorry for the blurry picture 😀

Dinnah was more bread and hummus with pesto pasta. No picture for that, sorry 😉

The rest of the day (when I wasn’t eating) was enjoyed (sort of) going to class on my oh-not-so-light typical day of 3 different classes, plus taking for a walk this furry dude in the park.

Unfortunately that was my only physical activity for the day: I’ve been having some problems with my back and pain in my tailbone, so running has been checked off my list of to-do things for some time, until it goes away; now I only have ballet class twice a week and I’m feeling the need to find some other form of activity: weight training is pretty much out of the question, I’m not really a fan, so I think I’ll resolve to stretching and yoga.

Any suggestions as to what I could do are much appreciated 😉


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Double Dog Duty

Hello y’all!

My day as been pretty busy: after fueling myself with a baked oatmeal and a raspberry yogurt (This picture is from another day, but you get the idea, right?), I head out with the dog for an hour-long walk, part of which was spent in the dog-area. For these last two days I’ve been on DDD -Double Dog Duty – which means an hour-long walk at 7.30 am and an hour-long walk in the afternoon! I know a lot of you are used to it, but I usually only take him out once a day at most, sometimes I’m lucky enough to skip a day! Thankfully, after my second walk with him I still have enough energy to go out for a 5 km run! Some roasted red bell pepper and basil hummus with bread helped 😉

This is what my sisters tell me when i make hummus…Fools 😉

The run felt great, I was able to run my 5 km in 27 minutes, which is a new record for me! Somewhere within me I then found the energy to do some ab workout and some push ups. I’m exhausted but very happy :).

Whenever I’m out running and I’m in a good mood, I always want to start dancing and singing out loud the song I’m listening too..but unfortunately that isn’t one of the best things to do in a park full of people; I already draw enough attention when I’m out with the dog and always talking to him, commenting on flowers, trees, other dogs…don’t give me that look, I know all of you dog owners do that to 😉 (you do, right?)

Going on to less insane things, I announce to you that tomorrow will bring a gingerbread cookie recipe..stay tuned!

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Daigo steals the spotlight

And summer is practically over!

My life is slowly getting back to what it usually is during the year: I have to study for exams coming up, I have to take out the dog (I’ll talk about him in a second) and I get back to my job! I baby-sit for a German family with two kids that are absolutely adorable, I cannot believe I’ve been babysitting them for 5 years now! I’ve practically come to think about them as my second family. Last year I also started helping the kids with their homework: they’re German they don’t excel in Italian (I still haven’t told you, but i live in Italy! more on me coming soon in an “About” page 😉 ) so my help is highly appreciated.

As I was saying before, I have a big black dog that used to be one adorable puppy!

Wasn't he one cute puppy?

Soon though, he transitioned into the awkward adolescent fase, the one when you have such a long tail it’s constantly folded to avoid it from touching the ground and people start to question if somehow you are related to monkeys…I’m sure we all had that fase 😉 . That’s when he decided  he wanted to become a skater

And finally turned into his full-grown self.

"I'm a wise dog now"

Like most dogs, he’s pretty active and needs to go out twice a day; of course, I’m sure he would love to go to the dog park more often, but we can’t always make it happen!

During the summer my dog spent a lot of time in the country side with my mother, so I was able to have a full month of dog free days! But summer is over, and, as a consequence, dog park it was this afternoon!

After spending an hour in the park, I came back home to a nice supper of curry scrambled tofu with peas and a salad on the side; I’m not a big fan of tofu, its taste is a bit too blunt for me, but I think I could learn to like it when scrambled with spices and veggies!

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